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This site contains links to my photos available for license purchase on stock content websites.
In case of a purchase, I may receive a small commission for the referral in addition to the share on the sales price, at no extra costs for you.
♥ I’m very grateful for your support ♥

Are you looking for authentic, powerful travel photos from all around the world to visualize your content for a travel agency, news portal, hotel or for your blog?

I am contributing my work on stock content sites, at which you can download my photos with royalty free licenses. The portfolio links with a short description of the stock content company & the respective specials can be found below.

When you want to know more about the business model of stock content sites and what you can do with the purchased licenses have a look at the FAQ.

If you want something more exclusive or to purchase your images directly, just send me a message with your inquiry.

Stock Content Portfolios


Shutterstock is one of the leading companies based in New York when it comes to stock content, especially for photos. Both commercial and editorial images are available and you are able to browse photos in sets, which are mainly organized by countries.



Alamy is based in the UK and has a customer friendly system to find the correct license you need for your purpose. Furthermore it also one of the most friendly stock content sites to their contributors when it comes to sharing the sales income. The portfolio site contains some country filtered collections. Both commercial and editorial images, recommended for single image purchase.

Loes on Alamy


Dreamstime being based in the US has different paying options and some nice features to search and filter images. Both commercial and editorial available.


Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock based in the US lately bought Fotolia and is integrated in several Adobe software as well. Only images for commercial use are available on this platform.


iStock by Getty Images

iStock by Getty Images based in Canada was one of the first players when it comes to the stock content industry. The search and filter options are easy usable when you search for something specific. In case you need need more images for your commercial or editorial project or even constantly need stock content throughout the year it is an good option due to their affordable credit packages.

LOES on Istock


123RF based in Malaysia is set up well in the Asian market. They offer both attractive price models based on credits or subscription plans for a longer period, so a good option when you are looking for more than a single picture. Both commercial and editorial images available.



Pond5 based in the US is the main player in industry when it comes to video/footage content, which I would like to engage more in the future as well. But they have also a section for commercial and editorial images with filter options to search and an overview of collections, which are showing images selected to countries in my portfolio. Also they are very fair when it comes to the sales share with their artists.

LOES on Pond5


Depositphotos based in the US has affordable payment plans for either image packs or monthly or yearly subscription. There are some filter options in case you search for something specific and it both offers commercial and editorial images.

Loes on Depositphotos

Other stock content sites

You can find the full list in terms of use. Furthermore, some of these websites are working with partners and made the purchase of the photos available for download on their sites as well, sometimes in combination with a print shop.


What exactly is Stock Content?

Stock Content sites are working together with photographers, who are willing to sell a license for publishing their images for the customers’ needs. Actually (almost) every image shown on this website, and of course much more is available for a royalty free license purchase, which means on the below links you are able to download a certain photo in your required size for your commercial or editorial project and use it for your articles, blog, prints, book covers and wherever you need certain photos to visualize your content.

What does Royalty free mean?

In fact it is an usage fee to use content of the copyright owner. So in my case – you would pay one of the below companies to gather the rights to publish my image – due to their license agreements (which in some cases includes the need of mentioning the copyright owner, depending of the kind of license & the company you purchase it). This means that I am still the copyright owner of the image and other people might be able to purchase a license on the same image.

Can I use all your images for my commercial projects?

Most of photos can be used for your commercial projects, which means you can use it for advertising without restrictions. Usually I try to make my photos without people, which is a tough job by either waiting or removing them digitally afterwards. At some of the platforms also editorial pictures are for sale, which cannot be used without restrictions, only for editorial purposes.

What is an editorial photo?

An editorial photo is a image containing something which is on someway protected, talking about the copyright or privacy rights. The most obvious case is when recognizable people are appearing on a photo, private property, brands and logos, art but also certain public buildings (e.g. a very famous example is the Eiffel tower at night). These pictures may be used only for editorial use, which means for an article or educational reasons without commercial purposes. On certain stock content sites also editorial photos are available and marked as such.

I am a travel photographer, which means that I am not investigating in hiring models for producing classical stock photography (which you might know from known content as a happy customer service at a phone and things like that). When I decide to make a image containing a person available for sale, it is – for the moment – always a kind of ‘street photography’. It can be a event, a public space and/or I communicated with the people that I’m taking a picture of them and they gave their consent.

Besides from the laws, that the publisher of a picture has to take care of the existing model and propery releases (which are not existing from my side due to the fact that I’m e.g. not asking a Sri Lanka teaworker for signing a model contract) as well as the laws which apply in the country where the image will be published. I respect the privacy of the respective photographed person and use pictures which would be for cultural interest or news-worthy only and I appreciate that buyers of these images are working with the provided information on these images well and publishing them in the right context.

Have a look at the license agreements of the respective stock content site, when you want to know more.

Are all your photos on sale here?

Oh my god, no! I’m photographing in RAW, which provides the highest quality, but also means a lot of time on editing. So I’m regularly working on providing new content. If you are searching for images of a certain region or country, which you cannot find in the below links but my my visited regions in about, drop me a message, I might be able to help you. Furthermore, as a constant traveler being on the road, I can help you with making exactly the pictures you really need, just contact me!

Why can’t I find a certain image on one of these portfolio links?

Not all of the portfolios have the same images, as some of them do not support license sale for editorial images. Also, each platform has certain approval processes and the claims for approval are differing on each platform.

By the way: at the portfolio sites of this website and all blog articles at the end of each page is a slider containing a link to the featured images available for license purchase on one of the mentioned stock content sites.

Any further questions? Just drop me a message, I’m happy to help you with what you are searching for.

This site contains links to my photos available for license purchase on stock content websites.
In case of a purchase, I may receive a small commission for the referral in addition to the share on the sales price, at no extra costs for you.
♥ I’m very grateful for your support ♥

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