Author: Loes Kieboom

January 17, 2019 in Blog > Travel logs > Asia

Language barrier in Korea and how to master it

Most signs are Korean, just now and then you will spot some English letters as well. Do you find them here in the ...

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Gangnam shopping street with colorful neon lights at night in Seoul, South Korea
January 3, 2019 in Blog > Travel logs > Australia

Great Ocean Road and Grampians and why not all organized tours are terrible

That's how I would like to travel along the Great Ocean Road, having nobody else around Why I hate organized ...

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Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia, Beach and high cliffs at Twelve Apostels - large stone formations in the sea, sorrounded by green and yellow bushes
January 3, 2019 in Blog > Travel logs > Africa

Slow travel on sea – 5 continents, 10 routes, 22 reasons

During my travels I'm trying to avoid flying where I can - not only because of the bad environmental footprint, also ...

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Two men and one woman sitting on the deck of a sailboat in the ocean watching the sun setting into the horizon, Honduras
January 2, 2019 in Blog > Travel logs > Asia

Jeju Island – the hidden gem in South Korea

Koreans, Chinese and Taiwanese people might be confused to read that Jeju Island should be a hidden gem, as it is said ...

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Volcano crater Ilchulbong along the ocean and the green coastline with a fence in Seongsan, Jeju Island, South Korea
December 20, 2018 in Portfolio


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Tarsier with big open eyes on a branch with big green leaf in the back in Bohol, Philippines, Asia
December 15, 2018 in Portfolio


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Bekaa valley, Lebanon, Mosque on a hill with purple blue coloured mountains in the background on a sunny day at Anjar ruins with walls and arches
December 13, 2018 in Portfolio


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Victoria, Australia, Grampians, Red dirtroad through the dry bushland landscape with high yellow grass and broadloaf trees with blue sky
December 6, 2018 in Portfolio


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Antigua Guatemala young purple robed men cueing in semana santa procession of San Bartolome de Becerra

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